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Why should big business be the only ones with access to experienced IT Management and an IT Department?

Your Outsourced IT Department

Cloud Administrator is your outsourced IT department, implementing and managing all your business IT requirements.

Including setup and support for infrastructure (servers, network, storage) and applications, as well as IT support, cloud apps and services, data backup/recovery, and security.

Your Outsourced IT Manager

Who is your strategic IT partner? Who do you call when you need strategic IT input?

Partner with Cloud Administrator's CIO Services and gain access to your own outsourced IT Manager to generate more value from technology.
Your Chief Information Officer ("CIO") without the price tag.

Every Company is a Tech Company

Technology has become a competitive differentiator across industries.

Every company is becoming a tech company. That includes your company.

Where are you at? Are you adopting the right IT strategies to drive your business success?

How Can Cloud Administrator Help?

How do you use your technology for business growth? Your competitors are.

Every business needs marketing, sales, and an accountant. Smart businesses also understand their technology capabilities are the difference between growth and stalling.

A relationship with a strategic IT partner is critical for IT strategy and direction. Building  skills and experience internally is expensive. It takes way more time than a small to medium business can afford. Especially more senior expert capabilities.

Your Outsourced IT Department and IT Manager

You know you need to do something, your market is changing, and your competitors are executing – using IT to make certain their businesses are performing optimally.

With a plan of action developed with Cloud Administrator. We will work as your outsourced IT Department and IT Manager (Chief Information Officer – “CIO”). We focus on fulfilling your IT capability in response to the IT strategy Cloud Administrator develops with you.

Protect your Business Growth

Digital threats are increasing in frequency and consequences. Constant network monitoring, intrusion detection and advanced threat management are non-negotiable today.

Don’t undo all your great work – partner with Cloud Administrator to improve IT security and protect every aspect of your business.

Cloud Administrator IT Services:

  • Server management
  • Desktop and end-user device management
  • Cloud apps & services management and Integration
  • Network management – Wi-Fi | LAN | WAN
  • Security management – endpoint, perimeter, data loss
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Storage management
  • Email and collaboration management

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Cindy Luken

Founder luk beautifood, Food Scientist and Product Developer

"Cloud Administrator have been our IT gurus for over 13 years previously whilst I owned the business Luken & May Pty Ltd and now the startup luk beautifood - an online boutique business creating and selling make up made from healthy foods direct to consumers and via trade.

When setting up my online infrastructure Dale Harper at Cloud Administrator was the first person I turned to recommend and implement an IT strategy.

Cloud Administrator make everything in the tech world so simple, easy to use and effortless. I don't need to think about what I have when Cloud Administrator set it up - they just get me & my biz to where I want to be. If EVER i need Dale and his team, they are there and worth every dollar."

Mark Connellan

Program Director - Boston University

"Cloud Administrator have provided comprehensive IT services to the Boston University Sydney Program over the last 8 years. Ahead of us moving into a new premises in 2011 Dale Harper was able to accurately assess our needs and then oversee and implement these requirements.

From provisioning and maintaining network cable and wireless infrastructure, hardware and software, to a customised ongoing support program, Cloud Administrator continue to provide us with a complete solution for all of our IT needs."

Alan Schultz

General Manager Northern Beaches Christian School

"NBCS uses Dale Harper and his organisation Cloud Administrator to enhance and complement our in house IT services. Cloud Administrator has provided leadership in upgrading and optimising our enterprise server environment, in significantly improving and managing the wireless networking, in our move to cloud computing and in upgrading our telephone systems to VoIP and SIP. Their strong technical skills and up to date IT knowledge and advice are invaluable to the IT strategy of NBCS."

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