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Quick and Easy Web-based IT Support

Cloud Administrator is focussed on business IT in the Cloud and at your location – wherever that might be. Support capabilities include Cloud, Security, Network, Server & Desktop Management. Business IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing.

Cloud Administrator securely connects to your devices, computers and servers across the internet. Web based remote support provides your business with quick turnaround expert solutions to your business technology issues.

Since 1999, Cloud administrator has a long history and a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of IT services, IT support, and cloud administration tasks and projects for business, state/local government, and education.

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Web Based, On-Demand, Remote Support

Receive cloud-based IT support through telephone, online chat, and web based remote access. Anywhere you are in Australia - if you've got internet, Cloud Administrator has your IT support covered.

Location Independent Cloud IT Services

IT Support wherever your employees and customers are. Cloud Administrator is available across all Australian capital cities and regional areas. We support and troubleshoot the full range of IT problems. Software, operating systems, devices, cloud apps and access, servers, Active Directory, networking, security, storage.

Cloud Admin - Tasks, Projects, and Support

Cloud Administrator is your outsourced IT department, an extension of your business - looking after your business IT requirements. Everything from cloud administration routine tasks to troubleshooting, to system administration at your location(s). Including setup and support for infrastructure (devices, notebooks, desktops, servers, network, storage) and applications, as well as IT support, cloud apps and services, data backup/recovery, and security.

We can take care of your IT support, Cloud Computing, IT infrastructure, and apps administration, integrations, and migrations.

You can get back to your business.

"Cloud Administrator was recommended to us when we had issues with email spoofing and needed to overhaul our security. They helped us migrate over to office 365 and the whole process was very smooth and easy. There was zero business interruption and Cloud Administrator took care of everything – one of the best service providers we have used in 5 years of business!"

The essential IT Services. Non-negotiable for all businesses

  • Cloud migrations - Office 365 migrations, G Suite migrations. Migrate email and files to the cloud
  • Cloud Desktops and Servers
  • Cloud security & services management - Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Office 365, Google G Suite
  • Server management - virtualized and physical
  • Email security - Stop email spoofing and phishing. Setup SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  • Security management - Protect all end-points in your business
  • Network management - Wi-Fi | LAN | WAN​
  • Website and web app hosting management
  • Storage management
  • Backup and recovery management - On-premises backup, and cloud backup

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How can Cloud Administrator Help?

How do you use your technology for business growth? Your competitors are.

Every business needs marketing, sales, and an accountant. Smart businesses also understand their technology capabilities are the difference between growth and stalling.

A relationship with a strategic IT partner is critical for IT strategy and direction. Building  skills and experience internally is expensive. It takes way more time than a small to medium business can afford. Especially more senior expert capabilities.

Your Outsourced IT Department and IT Manager

You know you need to do something, your market is changing, and your competitors are executing – using IT to make certain their businesses are performing optimally. With a plan of action developed with Cloud Administrator. We will work as your outsourced IT Department and IT Manager (Chief Information Officer – “CIO”). We focus on fulfilling your IT capability in response to the IT strategy Cloud Administrator develops with you.

Cloud Administration Services & Management

We help clients design, build, migrate, and manage their cloud migrations and deployments. Then partner to operate and administer their cloud compute, networking, and storage (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS). and applications. 

Cloud Administrator cloud operations capabilities include the automation of workloads and deployment; cloud management of storage, identity, databases, security, and compliance.

Protect your Business Growth

Digital threats are increasing in frequency and consequences. Constant network monitoring, intrusion detection and advanced threat management are non-negotiable today.

 Protect against email based threats. Email spoofing, phishing, and malware such as ransomware are increasingly difficult to detect. Straight forward antispam and antivirus solutions are no longer enough. A multilayered security strategy is needed at every location in your business technology.

Don’t undo all your great work – partner with Cloud Administrator to improve  web, social, infrastructure, cloud, and email security to protect every aspect of your business.

"Cloud Administrator have been our IT gurus for over 13 years previously whilst I owned the business Luken & May Pty Ltd and now the startup luk beautifood - an online boutique business creating and selling make up made from healthy foods direct to consumers and via trade. When setting up my online infrastructure Dale Harper at Cloud Administrator was the first person I turned to recommend and implement an IT strategy. Cloud Administrator make everything in the tech world so simple, easy to use and effortless. I don't need to think about what I have when Cloud Administrator set it up - they just get me & my biz to where I want to be. If EVER i need Dale and his team, they are there and worth every dollar."
"Cloud Administrator have provided comprehensive IT services to the Boston University Sydney Program over the last 8 years. Ahead of us moving into a new premises in 2011 Dale Harper was able to accurately assess our needs and then oversee and implement these requirements. From provisioning and maintaining network cable and wireless infrastructure, hardware and software, to a customised ongoing support program, Cloud Administrator continue to provide us with a complete solution for all of our IT needs."
"NBCS uses Dale Harper and his organisation Cloud Administrator to enhance and complement our in house IT services. Cloud Administrator has provided leadership in upgrading and optimising our enterprise server environment, in significantly improving and managing the wireless networking, in our move to cloud computing and in upgrading our telephone systems to VoIP and SIP. Their strong technical skills and up to date IT knowledge and advice are invaluable to the IT strategy of NBCS."

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