The Wireless-First Workplace

Digital transformation starts with the network

A Wireless-First World

It’s a wireless-first world. Wireless connectivity has come to dominate and  underpin absolutely every part of our professional and personal lives. Our reliance on Internet and cloud based apps is exponentially increasing – and the stakes are high for a ubiquitous wireless infrastructure to never let us down.

The right network planning and design decisions are critical as wireless networks become the primary access network. Cloud managed all-Wireless workplaces are the future for all, and right now for many.

Wi-Fi – the Primary Network Access Method

By 2021, Wi-Fi and mobile networks will account for 63 percent of all IP traffic (Cisco’s VNI: Global Fixed and Mobile Internet Traffic Forecasts).  This trend is moving in one direction. Just looking at internet traffic – the same Cisco VNI forecast Wi-Fi and mobile traffic will account for 73 percent of internet traffic.

All that ubiquitous RF adds value and insights. With fast robust wireless everywhere, the network foundation is in place to gain insights into user location and behaviour. Not to mention, it won’t be too long before IoT machine to machine communications exceed human network utilisation of Wi-Fi networks.

Cloud Administrator plays the critical role of providing the wireless network infrastructure and supporting wired  infrastructure to enable the future of all-wireless mobile-first workplaces – providing the design, optimisation and management of wireless connectivity. Future-ready for the inexorable  escalation of network traffic.

Cloud Wi-Fi Management

Cloud based Wi-Fi management radically simplifies wireless setup and management.

Cloud based network management means you can provision your Wi-Fi network, then monitor and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi through a single web dashboard or mobile app. Regardless of where your WLAN infrastructure is located.

Wi-Fi as Primary Business Network

Cloud Administrator helps businesses, educations, venues, and other sectors keep customers, staff, things, and machines connected over Wi-Fi.

  1. Better network performance – always with a view to designing for rapidly escalating performance and data requirements. 
  2. Better connected experiences for your customers, staff, and things.

Sectors: Enterprise, residential and commercial buildings, retail, hospitality, education, government, smart cities, public Wi-Fi, events, service providers, carriers.

Wi-Fi In-door and out-door for ubiquitous coverage. 

Wi-Fi Design and Deployment

Planning, design, optimisation, and management – Wi-Fi, Fixed wireless. Wireless backhaul, Private/unlicensed  LTE, low-powered networks. Designing to facilitate network performance, improve optimization and provide higher reliability for client connections. It’s always about the network’s RF performance. Now the focus is also on data analytics derived from wireless networks location awareness intelligence to gain insights into customer behaviours. The next generation of Wi-Fi is set to play a massive role in the interoperability and convergence of traditional fixed and mobile networks.

The All-Wireless Workplace

Wireless everywhere for the all-wireless office.

Seamless, high-performance, reliable, pervasive connectivity to support the next generation flexible workplace, which simply isn’t possible with wired networks.

802.11ac (802.11ax for business is imminent) with its performance, addresses the concerns of delivering optimal performance where there are no  network cables. 

Wireless as the primary network is not only feasible, it is becoming the dominant access method. Wireless supports the security, reliability, performance, and scalability expected of any network.

Wireless-First in the Enterprise

Wi-Fi is now the de-facto connectivity to the network. Rapidly growing numbers of wireless only smartphone and tablet devices, along with Wi-Fi enabled computers are all contending for airtime. The right strategy is greater investment in wireless infrastructure to support sustainability initiatives, instead of pulling cables, and investing in more ethernet switches with the attendant power and cooling costs.

Wired infrastructure is then relegated to a necessary support role in delivering the wireless user experience.

Wi-Fi is the dominant foundational enabler of the mobile-first flexible workplace.

Companies are recognising the higher productivity gains from mobile-first wireless network strategy in the enterprise. Just in time too, as mobile devices are not only proliferating, end-users also carry multiple devices and expect constant connectivity.

Wi-Fi is Changing How We Work

Wi-Fi is changing the workflow. Staff, contractors, and guests can stay productive all day long without any concern for their BYOD mobile data plans.

The buzzword “workshifting” exists to conveniently describe the shifts occurring in productivity – getting work done in the right place by the right people at the right time.

In the past traditional IT computing infrastructure couldn’t deliver the mobility, security, flexibility, and agility to free end-users from specific times and locations constraints.

Mobility with Wi-Fi and the Cloud has created the workshifting phenomenon. It’s become the default expectation for your talent, and the new reality.

Business transformation starts with the network, and Wi-Fi is leading the way.

Cloud Administrator was recommended to us when we had issues with email spoofing and needed to overhaul our security. They helped us migrate over to office 365 and the whole process was very smooth and easy. There was zero business interruption and Cloud Administrator took care of everything – one of the best service providers we have used in 5 years of business!

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