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Your IT Manager

Your outsourced Chief Information Officer ("CIO"). Without the price tag


Your IT Manager

Who do you call when you need strategic IT input?

Your outsourced IT Manager

Who is your strategic IT partner? Keep your business moving. Partner with Cloud Administrator for your own outsourced IT Manager. A CIO level resource that works with you to create your IT strategy.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) without the price tag

You don't need an enterprise budget for experienced, expert CIO level business IT planning. Partner with Cloud Administrator to access critical strategy and mentoring capabilities for your business.

Trusted Advisor

Trusted advice that directly addresses IT planning for today's competitive environment. Get access to quality advice on your business IT strategy and direction.


Outsourced IT Manager Services

An ongoing relationship with Cloud Administrator’s outsourced IT management services brings a depth and breadth of experience, gained from helping many clients use technology to solve a wide range of diverse business problems. 

We have the history and track record to advise on selecting the right technology solutions for your business. 

Stop wondering how to optimise technology, start using technology to successfully compete in your industry. 

Your outsourced IT Manager is a resource bringing planning and strategy measures that helps you reduce stress, and sleep better at night. Re-focus your energy on your business, and boost your team’s productivity.

"I've known and worked with Dale Harper for over a decade. I had no idea no idea what I was getting myself in for... And got way more than I bargained for. I'm now the IT Manager of a dynamic K-12 School at the forefront of technology in education, and leading my Team to achieve at a high standard - I attribute a huge part of my success to Dale.

With a balanced mix of technical knowledge, business acumen, professionalism, and management/personal/communication skills, Dale has always been able to offer the best advice on all occasions with an unbiased opinion. Honestly... I can't speak highly enough."
Cloud Admin IT Manager


First Steps

IT Management services from Cloud Administrator provides critical IT advice and consulting for small and medium businesses who view “IT as a competitive advantage” as a core priority. 

Have a conversation with us on how a strategic IT partner relationship, acting as your outsourced CIO, can help grow your business.