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Your IT Department

Your expert outsourced IT department on demand. Without the overhead.

OUTSOURcED IT Department As A Service

Your IT Department

Your Outsourced IT Department – supporting the growth of your business

Cloud administrator – IT Department as a Service. An extension of your business.  Big business IT Department skills and experience costing less than hiring IT internally.

We have a long history in dealing with a wide range of IT-related tasks and projects. With our comparative wealth of experience in IT, we can locate issues faster and help users get up and running in much less time than the staff in your business.

We can take some of the burden off your busy staff by supplementing your resources, and manage certain services entirely for you. Technology is becoming much more complicated, and managed services is the key to managing that complexity.


Do you have the right IT resources for business growth?

Do you have the resources to select, setup and manage the IT systems needed for business growth? Today, technology and competitive advantage go hand in hand, protecting and improving your market position.

Managed IT Services

Cloud Administrator can monitor your servers and systems, manage your security requirements, help your employees with technical questions and issues, resolve incidents that come up. An end-to-end IT services solution, or select certain components of your IT to outsource.

Outsource. Save Money. Avoid Opportunity Cost

Outsourcing your IT to Cloud Administrator releases you from the costs of an IT department. Such as hiring and training new employees, and paying salary and benefits. Instead, IT costs are more consistent and controlled from month to month. As well as able to solve IT-related problems quicker.

Our Managed IT Services portfolio - The essential services non-negotiable for all businesses
  • Server management
  • Email and collaboration management
  • Security management
  • Network management - Wi-Fi | LAN | WAN​
  • Website and web app hosting management
  • Cloud apps & services management - Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Office 365, Google G Suite
  • Storage management
  • Backup and recovery management

Garret Norris – CEO HBB Group and The KONA Group


Your IT Partner

If you don’t have an IT department – Cloud Administrator performs that role – to monitor, manage and/or resolve issues within your IT environment proactively, which gives you peace of mind that IT issues are dealt with expertise and efficiency.

If you do have an internal IT department – extend your IT department to include Cloud Administrator, and free up your IT staff to focus on greater value projects. Offload tasks such as end-user support, backup, disaster recovery and security, resolving server issues, and more.


Cloud Admin IT Manager


First Steps

IT Department as a Service from Cloud Administrator provides critical IT advice and consulting for small and medium businesses who view “IT as a competitive advantage” as a core priority. 

Have a conversation with us on how a strategic IT partner relationship, where Cloud Administrator acts as your outsourced IT department, can help support and grow your business.