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Cloud Backup for Office 365

Cloud Backup for Office 365 mailboxes, OneDrive, and Sharepoint Online

Why do you need to backup Office 365?

The same reason you need on-site backup...

Malware, viruses, ransomware, hackers, application bugs, accidental deletion of emails and files, intentional insider malice-motivated deletion of business data. 

The list of reasons for cloud backup should look familiar! Cloud services ensure your data is available yes, but they don’t backup your business data.

Microsoft Office 365 does not retain full backup copies of all your data. Managing your Office 365 data in the cloud is your obligation, not Microsoft’s.

Yes Microsoft has a lot of resiliency measures in place. They offer uptime and privacy controls, data centre protection from natural disasters, hardware and software failure for their DC located equipment, power outages, and so on. 

Microsoft are sharing responsibility for protecting your data. Just no backup solution.

Ransomware is an alarming example of a threat that costs business millions annually. Awareness is growing about how Cloud apps are a threat vector.

A full and complete backup under your total control is the only way to protect your business from cyber attacks such as ransomware. 

Recover deleted emails and files

The resilience features of Office 365 are great. Geo-redundancy, and the ability to recover deleted items, but they aren’t to be considered a backup solution. There are far too many scenarios where your data is simply unrecoverable without a Office 365 backup solution. 

Take a cautionary approach and make backup copies.

Regarding Archiving and eDiscovery. The deleted items folder, in-Place Hold/Litigation Hold with Exchange Online Archiving are not backup solutions. They are awesome features if they give you access to deleted data, but should not be relied on.

Permanently deleted emails are recoverable only for 14 days, or maximum of 30 days if you set 30-day retention up as Admin first. Retention policies are not backup.

If you attempt to wrangle Archiving into a backup solution then the process gets messy. You need to place a mailbox in in-place or litigation hold to hold onto all emails. To recover emails from Archiving’s “eDiscovery” you must search and then export to a PST file. Archiving is not the same as backup!

Manage migrations to Office 365

Your Office 365 backup becomes a migration ready solution. 

Starting as a hybrid blend of Exchange on-premises and Office 365, or as a one-time one-direction migration, you can use your Office 365 backup data for migrations.


Reduce inactive users Office 365 license costs

When employees leave, backup their Office 365 data, then reuse the Office 365 license.

With employee turnover this resolves the requirement for a paid active Office 365 license if you wish to retain their data.



Features - Backup for Office 365

  • Keep backup copies of your business data to adhere to legal requirements for your region
  • Archive mailboxes of employees who have left your company
  • Backup full or incremental copies of mailboxes, public folders, Sharepoint, and OneDrive. 
  • Restore single items (single messages, single files), to the original or different Office 365 accounts (tenants)
  • Create automatic backup jobs
  • Use VMs hosted in the cloud of your choice (for example Microsoft Azure) to host your Office 365 backups
  • Unlimited storage according to your storage policies, not Exchange Online retention policies
  • Granular recovery. Restore full mailboxes, selected folders, or certain items. 
  • Search for items. Locate data using search criteria.
  • Restore Office 365 data to different mailboxes
  • No impact on Office 365 users. Mailbox performance and availability is unaffected when backing up
  • Reduce Office 365 licensing costs. Backup offboarded employees Office 365 data and reuse Office 365 licenses 
Cloud Administrator was recommended to us when we had issues with email spoofing and needed to overhaul our security. They helped us migrate over to office 365 and the whole process was very smooth and easy. There was zero business interruption and Cloud Administrator took care of everything – one of the best service providers we have used in 5 years of business!

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