All those Cloud Admin tasks that pop up almost every day. Such as adding Google Apps or Office 365 email accounts. Configuring DNS records for Cloud Apps. Adding a virtual machine to Azure or Amazon. Backing up. Integrating Cloud Apps… and 101 other Cloud Administration tasks you need done right away..

Fixed monthly plans to suit your business.

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Book Cloud Admin to manage your cloud apps:

Just a few examples of Cloud Administrator capabilities: Google Apps for Work, Office 365, WordPress, DNS, mx records, domains, email migrations, Google Drive, Dropbox, CRM, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, virtual machines, Active Directory…
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  • 20 Minutes


  • 40 Minutes


  • 60 Minutes
20 Minutes is great for getting a few Cloud Admin tasks done that aren’t super quick, but still way less than your typical hour’s work.
40 Minute time block. If it only takes 40 minutes why charge an hour? We don’t.
60 minute time block. For those tasks that need some more time.
Lets get to know each other first. Getting through your IT admin tasks in the cloud inside 10 minutes is the goal.

As we work together we’ll put in place efficient communication of task requirements and outcomes. That 10 minute turnaround is where you want to be for many Cloud Admin tasks.


Yes of course. A fixed monthly block of hours makes lots of sense if your business anticipates your IT tasks in the cloud are going to be an ongoing requirement.

As your business grows the IT task list grows as well. Talk to us about how we can establish a monthly fixed price plan.

The skills behind Cloud Administrator have been around for 25 years in corporate IT and consulting to corporate, education, and SME. Dale Harper has been working with many brands in Australia from Kleenmaid to Boral to GPT Property during stints working for Fujitsu Professional Services, then running his IT services business Bunch of Cowboys (formerly Bigdy Pty Ltd) since 1999.
Makes more sense. Why do things the way they’ve always been done? Ever notice how services performed traditionally in just over half an hour turn into a full hour of work? We think 40 minutes is the sweet spot.
Not for the first booking – that’s on us. The first Cloud Administrator services we provide for you has to be a great session! After the first booking – yes it can, after a reasonable amount of time has passed. This is why an ongoing relationship is so cost effective and quick. We put processes in place together to organize rapid and secure access to relevant details for required services. Greater value accumulates and productivity rises with subsequent Cloud Administrator services bookings.

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